The Art of yesterday,
the Class of today
the Elegance of tomorrow.


Chiantese was born in 1930, by a Master Glassblower. His sons, following his teachings, drove the Company to the success. The creativity and the perfect matching between lights and colours, that is the secret of Chiantese.

Chiantese since long time try to express the Made in Italy style.

Chiantese plan and produce in Italy its creations without any compromise. Using Murano Glasses, Brass, Capodimonte Porcelain, to give the right taste and luxury to its items. Following these steps, “Linea D’Autore” and “Luxury Home Jewels” born. “Linea D’Autore” follows the classic Italian style.
On the contrary “Luxury Home Jewels” follows the modern style.

Chiantese products are present all over the world such as: U.S.A., Russia, Asia, Emirates etc.
Pride of our production we follow the traditional handicraft.

In 1976, based on his experience, Stefano Chiantese decided to take care about the designs for the interiors. His aim is to combine classic and modern styles to have one unique and unmistakeable style.
Today Chiantese is able to personalise any items for any style and taste.

The Chiantese products are present on the best commercial settings in the world: the United States, Russia, the Asian countries and the Arab countries; we can be proud to enjoy an excellent reputation, both in traditional crafts that in the innovative field of modern and designer lamps.

Currently the company relies on Chiantese Stefano.
After a long experience, Stefano Chiantese – born in 1976 – he decided to further his education in Italy and abroad, thanks to his passion for work and entrepreneurial skills that could grow; It specializes in interior design, creating a style which combines modernity and tradition.

Today the company is able to give each piece many expressive nuances of rare beauty: always unique items, such as small works of art.